Fullspectrum converted Canon EOS 80D, IR 720 nm

The may pole is dressed with leafy twigs, usually birch, and decorated with wild flowers. In many places people gather in the morning to dress the Maypole, then gather again in the afternoon to carry the pole to the place where it is to be erected. Those who owns a local traditional costume dress up for this special occation.

The pole is long and heavy, it takes several people to carry it, often in procession with fiddlers playing folk music. The lifting itself is also a procedure and takes place with special tools. While waiting for the pole to rise up to its full glory, there is entertainment in the form of music, song and speeches.

Once the pole is up, we finally get to dance! We sing about the little frogs and the fox that rush across the ice. The fact that it’s in the middle of summer doesn’t matter, the fox can still run across the ice because we’re happy that it is summer and the light are finally here and now it’s only 6 months until Christmas and the darkness, but today we’re happy!

Glad midsommar!

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