An interesting photo project that took place in the spring of 2020 can be found at . The project went on between March and June 2020 and involved photographers in self-isolation communicating in pairs with images. They were quite free to choose which pictures they would upload. From the beginning it was meant to be newly taken pictures but it turned out to be impossible for some because they did not have much to photograph at home, some photographers also did not have a camera at home that they could use so some pictures are taken in another time. There are lots of conversationsLäs mer ->


The midwifery education at King’s College London has introduced art and the humanities into teaching. Students get to work with artistic depictions of motherhood and childhood, they also get to explore their own midwifery experiences in a cultural context. A lecture on pop music and partner violence uses the lyrics from popular songs to address the difficult relationship between a woman’s self-esteem and being in a violent relationship. Students may also create their own artistic or literary work prior to the final assessment. This proved to be an invaluable opportunity for students to reflect on, share and process different emotions and memories. The strongest worksLäs mer ->


A couple of the best memories I have from when the kids were toddlers were when we went to the photographer to get real pictures, unfortunately we were a bit too lazy (plus the photographer we hired for the big kids moved so it was quite a long way to go) so there was no photo session with the youngest. The photography session is a memory in itself. The pictures are a different, more physical memory from that time in life. I think it is something universal that we want to save pictures from when the children were small and that booking a photographer makesLäs mer ->

Maria Tingvall 2019

I have taken three courses in photography at Mid Sweden University in the past year and have just started my fourth course. It is at A-level and we will do a simple research project. I have several different ideas and find it a little difficult to choose which project to choose. One of them is researching the local environment and I would like to use an interactive map. I'm trying to find someone who doesn't have too much limitations and who I can draw on myself. Don't know if OpenStreetMap is suitable for that, but here's a map anyway. View larger mapLäs mer ->

This year, I'm trying something I've dreamed of for a long time, writing stories. I love writing, that's why I have so many different blogs that I manage with varying enthusiasm. What I've dreamed of since I was a kid is writing stories out of my imagination. Life has, for various reasons, gotten in the way so that the time, the time to really go into something, to find the "flow", has not existed. Since I photograph a lot, I have got some ideas, most of them not very unique really because they are based on old fairy tales, but I think it is aLäs mer ->

Elsa Dorfman (born April 26, 1937) is an American portrait photographer working in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is known for using a large-format Polaroid camera. It's a fine and well-timed portrait of her life and work. Since she has extensive experience, it is also a historical depiction of photography from the time she started with black and white photography to the present day. Among other things, she used Polaroid's 20 x 24 big screen formats. There were only five copies of the camera and she had access to one that she rented for her portraits. Some of the famous people Elsa photographed are: Allen Ginsberg, AndrewLäs mer ->

Today I continued looking through my pictures on the computer. It's actually really hard to find new images that I'm happy with. I'd rather have tiveds theme or at least nature-themed but most of the pictures I took in Tiveden last year were so bad. First, I didn't succeed with the light, secondly, the previous lens doesn't fit very well on the camera so all images that aren't zoomed in have blurry vignetting. Therefore, I have also looked a bit at pictures I took with the Raspberry Pi camera but the camera is really difficult to set the focus on so even if the compositionLäs mer ->

Prints inför utställning

Me and my parents talked earlier this spring that I would exhibit my pictures in Bakstugan in Tiveden this summer. At first I felt like it was so far away in time and plenty of time to plan, then I got sick in covid-19 (pretty sure it was anyway) and then time has just passed. This week it occurred to me that Bakstugan usually open this time of year, but would they open as usual given the covid-19? It hasn't been talked about for a while, we've mostly talked about everyday things and how the pandemic affects us. Bakstugan opens its doors for the seasonLäs mer ->

Art & Fear

I've listened to this book as an audiobook. It's a book that suits me very well right now. It is about artists' fears, perhaps mainly the fear that one's work should not do in the eyes of others. What is the result of write cramps/write blocking on? Why is it so hard to get started when there are so much ydes? This discusses the authors of the book. It's about all sorts of art forms. I found it comforting to hear that everyone suffers from the same thing and that the important thing is not what others think but to start from what I myselfLäs mer ->

Hjärtträdet på Stortorget i Örebro

This afternoon I took a photo walk on the town in Örebro. I had decided it would be sun but it didn't turn out quite so, it was pretty gray, cold and ruffled. Almost like there was snow in the air. Also, I forgot to check the ISO settings so it became very gritty pictures. I'm still quite happy, some pictures of the houses down by the river in the USÖ area became really spooky. It'll be fun to see if I can do something good out of them.Läs mer ->