Inramning matt och pärlemorskimrande

Had to compare

I made some misorders at the beginning, including some pictures of mother-of-pearl print instead of dull or that I thought a kind of half-math. Today I felt i had to compare the images because I discovered that the contrast at the edge between tree and sky became so sharp on the pearl-like paper. I think it gets so cool and is what is a goal in my photography, because infrared photo removes almost all other colors so it will be the part funny effects as well.

I framed both versions and posed next to each other. Guess which one is which one! The one on the right is the one with shimmering paper. It is actually difficult to see which is which, especially if one goes on the feeling. The picture that is printed on matte paper does itself best in a bit of a direction and I have to go on for the exhibition because most probably will not go next door and look.

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