Skärmdump från min sida på Fine Art America

A few years ago, more precisely just before the pandemic broke out, I thought I had so many interesting pictures that I wanted to try exhibiting and selling. I have had a few exhibitions, which you can read more about on this page (link), but it was rare that I got any pictures sold, so I started looking into what opportunities there were to sell online. One way was to make my own website, print, pack and sell myself but since I was working full time it felt like a big job even if it wouldn’t sell that much. Then again, I’m a bit ofLäs mer ->

An interesting photo project that took place in the spring of 2020 can be found at . The project went on between March and June 2020 and involved photographers in self-isolation communicating in pairs with images. They were quite free to choose which pictures they would upload. From the beginning it was meant to be newly taken pictures but it turned out to be impossible for some because they did not have much to photograph at home, some photographers also did not have a camera at home that they could use so some pictures are taken in another time. There are lots of conversationsLäs mer ->