Maria Tingvall

  • Winter at the Camping

    Winter at the Camping

    It’s winter at the campsite. There are some caravans inside the camping area but I don’t know if anyone is there or if they are just parked for winter storage. Out by the bathing area, the beach that is well visited during summer, it is empty and deserted except for some ducks that descided to…

  • Old phone booth

    Old phone booth

    För länge, länge sedan utbildade jag mig till telereparatör, ni vet sådana där som kopplade telefonledningar och kunde reparera lågspänningsapparater som telefoner, tv-apparater och sådant. Därför tycker jag det är spännande med gamla elektronikprylar. Någon som kommer ihåg när det inte fanns mobiltelefoner och vi antingen var tvungna att knacka på hos någon för att…

  • Abandoned train part five

    Abandoned train part five

    Infrared 720 nm, shot with Canon EOS 80D fullspectrum converted. Flammable.Must not be deflated with oxygen.Transport equipment. An old wagon with a big, rusty tank that has seen its best days. I wish I had taken a photograph of the other side, somewhere it must say what was transported in the tank. Now I have…

  • Forged in fire

    Forged in fire

    Once a year, on the second Sunday of August, the blacksmith opens the door to the forge and lets us view the handiwork. Heats and shapes, heats and shapes until the nail, hinge or whatever it may be he is shaping is ready. Because the sun always shine on this special day, the weather has…

  • Watertower


    Canon EOS 80D, fullspectrum converted, 720 nm IR-pass filter Vattentornet tornar upp sig som ett ufo över orten. Vakar över oss, förser oss med vatten. Friskt vatten tänkte jag skriva men även om det inte gör dig sjuk så är det preparerat med kemikalier så att du inte ska bli sjuk när du dricker. Vattentornet…

  • Abandoned train part four

    Abandoned train part four

    Old freight cars have such a beautiful patina. The wind-ravaged wood, the rusted metal. The remains of what was once shipped are mixed with the plant power in the shipping space. It is so exciting what power there is in life, what will to get ahead and survive even for the smallest blade of grass.…

  • Taking the old road

    Taking the old road

    Fullspectrum converted Canon EOS 80D, IR 720 nm The old road runs parallel to the new one. It is a little more crooked and a little narrower. I take my walks along that road because it’s quieter to go that way, avoid the village and avoid the traffic. The roads have been straightened as the…

  • Meet me on Flickr

    Meet me on Flickr

    I must admit, I haven’t been very active on Instagram for a long time, though I do attempt from time to time. It doesn’t seem other photographers are very active either, so I googled some and found out that maybe people on Flickr are more active. I have an old account from 2009 so I…

  • Abandoned train part three

    Abandoned train part three

    All aboard! Where has this cart been? Who has gone with it? Maybe I have done it at some point? I’ve traveled quite a lot by train in my days. As a time optimist, I seldom look forward to the train journey the last moment before I board the train. There are so many times…

  • Abandoned train part two

    Abandoned train part two

    Arrival! Travel is associated with so many different emotions. Some trips are just for fun, others are forced out of necessity. For me, it’s usually a combination of both because I usually take the train when I go to the office and work. I work remotely from home, so the times I have to go…

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