I live in Fellingsbro with Arboga as my nearest town, I grew up in Tiveden. The forest is my big breathing hole. I don't know anything better than packing my backpack with a little provisions and pulling away in some direction along the dirt road.

On my walks and excursions, the camera is with most of the time. I've had the photo shoot as an interest since I was a kid and got my first compact camera but the interest has come and gone in batches. A few years during my youth, I simply had other interests. It got a bit more fun again when I met the husband who had development equipment and again when the digital cameras came and it was suddenly possible to take as many pictures as i like. For a while it was the mobile camera that was about because it was always at hand. It was still when I discovered the full spectum photo shoot that I found my thing, through it I can experiment and explore the world in new ways, the invisible world.

The camera is converted for full spectrum photography, which means that in addition to the visible colors, it also lets infrared but also a little ultraviolet light. The images get a different tone is what we are used to and show more than we can see with the naked eye. The infrared light is usually used except in security cameras in weather satellites, for example, or climate analysis to see how the trees in a forest feel.

My personal website: https://maria.tingvall.nu