Bea Nettles

I have studied Photo History, 7.5 credits at Mid Sweden University. It's been a lot of fun, I've tried new methods and pushed my limits. One of the sources of inspiration is Bea Nettles.

Introduction B
ea Nettles was born in 1946 in Florida, USA. She is known for her experimental and autobiographical work of art. She combines various methods, tools and materials in her work such as fabric and stitches, Instamatic cameras, books, painting and hand-coated photographic emulsions. Much of her work illustrates family relationships, mythology and natural history, often using her own body and self-portraits.

Work N
ettles has taught art and photography since 1970. Nettles participated in his first major exhibition in 1970 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The latest exhibition "Bea Nettles: Harvest of Memory" is a tribute to her first exhibition 50 years ago.

The photographic techniques include working with instamatic camera and development of cyanotype images, Van Dyke or Kwik Print, she presents her work as books and cards, sometimes in combination as a way to interact with the viewer. In 1977, she published a guide to alternative processes, "Breaking the Rules: A Photo Media Cookbook." She has worked on several book projects as a way of expressing her art, the books cover different areas of life, such as parenting, aging and seasons.

Nettles is still active. In interviews, for example, she explains how editing her self-portraits imputed her in a way that just hurt or didn't photograph herself. She also describes her various experiments and processes.

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