Continues planning this summer's exhibition

Today I continued looking through my pictures on the computer. It's actually really hard to find new images that I'm happy with. I'd rather have tiveds theme or at least nature-themed but most of the pictures I took in Tiveden last year were so bad. First, I didn't succeed with the light, secondly, the previous lens doesn't fit very well on the camera so all images that aren't zoomed in have blurry vignetting. Therefore, I have also looked a bit at pictures I took with the Raspberry Pi camera but the camera is really difficult to set the focus on so even if the composition is perfect, the sharpness is in the wrong place.

I'm going to go down and put up the pictures on Friday when it's first May and day off, then I'm going to take the opportunity to take some new pictures. Now it looks as if it may be overcast almost all of next week so it may not go so well. It depends on what I find to photograph, sometimes it can actually get better without the sun.

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